Walthamstow town centre

Walthamstow is changing. Some key sites have been developed or refurbished recently including the Scene, Station improvements, and improved public spaces and there are plans in the pipeline for further projects.

The Walthamstow Town Centre Area Action Plan (AAP) is the key plan for the future of the town centre, guiding and shaping its development. Waltham Forest Council has been using the AAP for 12 months and it provides the basis for ongoing discussions.

Waltham Forest Council is now engaging with local people, talking to them about their needs and what they would like to see in the town centre.

Informing and engaging

In January 2016 a series of pop-up events were held to gather thoughts on key areas for future consideration. Drop-in exhibitions and Walk & Talks followed towards the end of January to show initial findings and to outline forthcoming town centre projects.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Walthamstow Town Centre drop-in exhibitions in January. The report outlining what took place along with your views, thoughts and opinions shared is available online here.

Information & Documents

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